Squale 2002

The 2002 is Squale's epitome of a professional diving watch, providing water resistance up to 1000 meters. Over the years, the recognizable case has undergone changes but remained unchanged, and continues to be a favored option for diving enthusiasts seeking technical products.

From the 1970s, when Jacques Mayol and Enzo Maiorca broke world records while wearing early 2002 models, to 2016 when Squale became the official supplier to the Italian State Police Divers Unit, the 2002 watch has a rich history of partnerships with professional divers and underwater adventurers.

The Squale 2002 was the first professional diving watch to feature the "Push to Release" bezel system, which prevents accidental movements and ensures accurate dive time tracking. Additionally, the bezel insert is highly legible underwater, with indexes made entirely from SuperLuminova, enabling clear reading of the graduated scale at any depth.

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