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Ladies Watches

Our Ladies Watch Collection covers every design and taste, from luxury Swarovski timepieces to ageless classics and stylish quartz watches.

Vostok-Europe Undiné VK64/515C395 ladies watch Vostok-Europe Undiné VK64/515C395 ladies watch 2
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Vostok-Europe Undiné VK64/515C395 ladies watch

Vostok Europe
€377.33 €389.00
Legends about Undines – water nymphs, spirits of water – came from Baltic and German-Scandinavian mythology. The word “Undinė” descents from ancient Lithuanian (Indo-European) word Unduo (water). Undines live in forest pools and waterfalls, appear as beautiful young women with long hair, singing and dancing under the moon and calling out to young men by...
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Grace Lady

Zeppelin 7441-1 Grace Lady watch

€241.53 €249.00
The British journalist Grace Marguerite Lethbridge was also on board and therefore the first woman to go round the world in an airship. The new, exclusive women's collection from ZEPPELIN is dedicated to Lady Grace. The rhombic pattern reproduced on the dial stems from this period. Thus ZEPPELIN has created a timepiece and an extravagant accessory in one;...
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