Squale 1521

The Squale 1521 is the epitome of the brand's iconic collections, named after its original production reference from the 1960s. Despite the years, it has maintained its original design created by Charles Von Büren when diving watches were just emerging.

With its 50 atm water resistance, it offers peace of mind for underwater exploration enthusiasts. The 4 o'clock crown position has become a signature feature of the Squale brand, serving a functional purpose of avoiding accidental damage during dives. The one-way, 120-click bezel with a non-slip texture provides maximum safety while diving and allows for precise time adjustment.

The minute hand, in bright orange for improved visibility, is critical for calculating decompression times and is easily distinguishable from other hands. The use of orange is intentional as it is the best color to see in low light conditions.

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