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The Swiss Made seal of approval, high-quality components and strict quality controls ensure that the inner and outer values of a DAVOSA will bring you pleasure for many years to come. Continuity is one of the company values, which is why a DAVOSA is worthy of being kept for the next generation.

Whether you’ve climbed another rung of the career ladder, passed a crucial exam, whether you wish to do something special for another person or round off your own appearance. With a DAVOSA, you can crown such a moment and record it for posterity.

No matter how fleeting the moment, a DAVOSA transforms it from a singular excerpt from our present into an abiding part of our life story. It is a permanent reminder of what might otherwise quickly recede into the background in our fast-paced daily lives.

DAVOSA’s extensive collections mean that everyone can find a suitable companion for their special moment. And incidentally, a DAVOSA watch is also a precise timepiece and a luxury piece of jewellery.

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